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Our Process


Our process involves a reality-based, practical approach that helps a professional athlete prepare for their entire future. Why? Because the power of what you earn can be far greater than just the amount you earn — if you make the right financial decisions, for the right reasons, at the right time.

We have the experience to set a realistic and practical budget around immediate needs, personal goals, for long-term wealth and management preservation for professional athletes. The volatility caused by trades, injuries, boom or bust seasons, and other realities of pro sports demands a level-headed approach. That way, a player can make concrete decisions based on facts. Following our clearly defined process can help you avoid all-too-common assumptions and financial choices you come to regret down the road.


At Post Game Financial we have a defined process, in which we immediately create a budget. The budget starts by identifying the annual savings rate and also assumes other fixed items like taxes, union and clubhouse dues, escrow withholdings etc. We then back into discretionary items such as cars and homes. We also build-in a piece for miscellaneous expenses that are for the unseen. As Financial Advisors, we find this process is extremely effective in helping the professional athlete make concrete decisions based on facts. The budget is a part of our annual review and is updated each year. Once the player signs off on the budget, we treat that budget as if it were a municipality or a business entity. The player then sticks with that budget for the entire year. A year can mean an awful lot to a pro athlete; he might have a terrific season and be in line for huge multiyear contract. There is also the risk that he could get hurt, perform poorly and potentially be out of the league. We find this yearly budget necessary because of the length of an athlete’s career. We are assuming that the length would be below career average and we can be pleasantly surprised if the athlete plays longer.


Once we established the budget, we then begin to discuss the player’s future. We know it will end at some point and they need to prepare for it. Each athlete varies and has different long-range goals, some want to stay in the sport in an executive capacity while others wish to raise a family. Either way, there needs to be a strategy to achieve those goals. As an advisor that handles wealth management for professional athletes, we often we see athletes run before they walk. We title this strategy “The Evolution of an Athlete”. The evolution process first establishes conservative accounts until the future income needs are met. Once the income derived from their investments can satisfy their expenses for life, we then build other investment accounts that are more aggressive. If a player is fortunate enough to play that long and experience such success we then help with foundations and philanthropic desires.


At Post Game Financial we are vested in this entire process. We assist professional athletes with their 401(k) selections, picking out investment vehicles, evaluating businesses, and also assist with building foundations. Far too often, financial advisors look at the athlete’s financial picture in silos. Because advisors cannot charge for assets they don’t control many advisors don’t pay attention to the financial areas outside their bailiwick, such as the 401(k)’s, businesses and foundations. We feel it’s essential to view this financial strategy as a holistic process.

This is the Post Game Financial way...