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Post Game Financial

Roy Caso, Financial Advisor/Partner



Post Game Financial is a financial services company that specializes in providing personalized financial care to all our clients. Our team of professionals works with both businesses and individuals, offering full money management plans that are customized to each client's individual financial needs. In fact, our financial professionals pride themselves on offering a full time and personalized commitment to every one of our four hundred clients. We value strong, stable, ongoing relationships with our clients. We've been in the business of advising clients for over 25 years. 


Post Game Financial also specializes in providing financial services to professional athletes. Financial Advisor, Roy Caso, is a certified agent with the Major League Baseball Association and is a Registered Player Financial Advisor to the National Football League Players Association. He offers investment planning and wealth management that assists professional athletes in meeting long term budgeting and financial goals.

We have established stable and ongoing relationships with our athletes that allow us to provide the necessary financial guidance and support that each individual athlete requires, regardless of location. The athletes we represent are located across the nation, specifically in the Northeast, including Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), New York, and Connecticut. Post Game also represents a variety of athletes in Ohio, Georgia (Atlanta), and Virginia.

The services Post Game provides are adjusted based on the individual needs of our clients, allowing us to represent professional athletes from Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Our clients have access to services in insurance (disability and life), financial planning, investment management, and needs analysis, which are personalized to the needs and finances of each individual athlete. Post Game’s experience and professional opinions in financial planning allow for the creation of comprehensive financial plans, while putting our client’s needs first.